Level 54

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Level 54

Post by Gamemastertips »


(Or not)
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UPDATE, 9/9/2018: If you PM me for level help, I'm more than happy to answer, but I may not be checking my forum inbox more than once a week (or less), so please be patient with waiting for a response. Thank you!

Plus Zeng
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Re: Level 54

Post by Plus Zeng »

Am I the first one to come to the level 54? Balthazar again! :D :D :D

TOTALLY confused. :cry:
Have no idea about what to research.

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Re: Level 54

Post by Clowe »

Lies! (I think it's one letter short. :P )

Now what. LOL.
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Re: Level 54

Post by Kawkowa »

LOL @ balthazar jks!11
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Re: Level 54

Post by Olorin »

:lol: LOL, That Balthazar nearly got me
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Re: Level 54

Post by xshhanbaobao »

LOL, get here, no idea what to do yet ...

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Re: Level 54

Post by fynn »

look carefully?

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Re: Level 54

Post by spyasone »

stuck on 54 now :( :( :(

Are there anyone I can PM to ?

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Re: Level 54

Post by rnightshroud »

I really don't know how to help with this one. Simple nudge means a big spoiler for this level. Or so I think...
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Re: Level 54

Post by Excalibur013 »

Totally stuck in this level as well. Can i PM someone to confirm my ideas here?